Interlude at Charnwood

Chapter 36

Published Jul, 2013

Left to right: Florence 'Floss' Agnes Reid (1875-1966), Susanna 'Susie' Lucy Reid (1865-1954) and Adela Barton Reid (1863-1958). Photo credit Reid family

…Copy of Letter from Florence, daughter of William Reid of Hazel Glen, to her sister Ada. September 3, 1892…


Sept 3 1892

Dearest Ada

I wish you very many happy returns of your birthday and hope you will enjoy this one very much; though I think you would enjoy it better still if we had you here. Fancy having Miss Hows here it seems so strange;  she has brought to (sic) packets of lollies one for father and one for us, and we are fighting over them like fun. Papa is trying to bribe Edith to make him some hop beer with his lollies, by what means he will accomplish that feat is beyond me, as Edith is not willing. Edith and Miss Hows are going over to the Macfarlanes (‘Ardchattan’) tomorrow if it is fine. Miss Hows will only stay till Monday or Tuesday she seem (sic) to me to look so much older and about half a yard shorter if possible.

Miss Waugh and I rode over to Drapers (‘Charnwood’) yesterday and we got some lovely flowers, I would like to send you a few of them the garden was a perfect picture, and I had rather a bit of fun when we came away; Miss Waugh is the biggest duffer at getting on a horse that ever was, well she asked for a chair whereupon Miss Draper at once calls ‘Jemmie’ and out comes Mr Jimmie Draper looking very shy and after great deal of nonsence (sic) he managed to hoist her up and then he flew without even saying good-bye. Miss Waugh has a picture of you all cut and dried have you got one of her too. Goodbye dearest Ada with heaps of love and kisses from

Your loving sister Florence

John Archibald (1810-1876) and Elizabeth Horton (1815-1899) Macfarlane of 'Ardchattan' with their family c 1860. Photo credit Macfarlane family
The garden at 'Charnwood' c 1900 with Charles Draper (1825 -1909) and Jessie Ellen Fisher (1867- 1933). The Garden Gazette of 1902 wrote of its visit to Charnwood with camera and pencil 'confronting you on every side as you ramble through the winding paths are roses of every hue, mostly teas, with a few fine old favourites, as Madame J. Lang, Captain Christy, Paul Heyron, La France, and other hybrid perpetuals of fragrant beauty, dainty polyanthus roses, Cecile Brunner, Perle D’Or, and Marie Pavie, wonderfully robust standards with glorious heads of massive blooms that would make a city florist’s fingers itch to pick them; and all growing at their own sweet will, yet tended with that consummate skill that removes all signs of neglect and decay, without destroying nature’s handiwork with formal trimming and prim devices.’ Photo credit Draper family
On the veranda at ‘Charnwood’ c 1896. Left to right back row: Mary Jane Draper (1859-1911), John Charles Draper (1881-1968, child of Joseph and Hannah Draper), James Draper (1863-1940). Front row: Fanny Catherine Draper ( 1866-1944), Charles Draper (1825-1909), Louisa Ann Dorothy Draper (1870-1938). Sitting on floor: Alfred Addison Draper (1888- 1967, brother of John Charles). Fanny was home visiting ‘Charnwood’ to arrange her dowry and wedding plans. Fanny sailed on the ‘Orizaba’ on 29 August 1896 for England and was married at Coton in the Elms, Derbyshire in November 1896. Joseph Charles Draper (1851–1902) and his wife Hannah (1857–1923, nee Laidlay) sent their eldest son John down from Glenburn, to stay with his grandfather Charles, for schooling at Arthurs Creek. In August 1896 The Evelyn Observer reported on the party given to send off Fanny to England; ‘cordial welcome and good cheer awaited all, the burly and general squire of Charnwood taking it as a delight to entertain his guests’. Information credit Bruce G. Draper, Lionel Draper, Ross McDonald and Pam Goodey. Photo credit Draper and McDonald families
Horses Yarbo and Gundhy harnessed in a phaeton at 'Hazel Glen' c 1920s. Florence Reid wrote in 1892 'Miss Waugh and I rode over to Drapers ('Charnwood') yesterday and we got some lovely flowers, I would like to send you a few of them the garden was a perfect picture'. Photo credit Reid family
Left to right: Susanna 'Susie' Lucy Reid (1865-1954) and Florence 'Floss' Agnes Reid (1875-1966) taking tea at 'Hazel Glen' c 1905. Photo credit Reid family
Historic view across 'Charnwood' and the Running Creek valley to Mt. Sugarloaf. Photo credit Draper family
Riding at 'Ardchattan'. Mary Elizabeth (Bessie) Macfarlane (1846-1919). Photo credit Barbara Hall
A riding party at 'Ardchattan', the Macfarlane property. Photo credit Macfarlane family
Chestnut tree in the garden at 'Charnwood', Arthurs Creek, 1905. Photo credit Draper family

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