About Up The Creek in Victoria

Up The Creek in Victoria is a collection of articles about the pioneers, people and local history of Arthurs Creek and surrounding districts by historian Bruce G. Draper. It expands on his published work and pulls together for the first time his 25 years of research with the addition of a vast array of photographs. Input from local community members and historians in assisting with photos is gratefully acknowledged, and relevant articles by other authors will be added over time.

About the author, Bruce G. Draper

The name Draper has been synonymous with the Arthurs Creek district since Bruce’s great grandparents, Charles and Catherine, settled in the district in the 1860’s.

Brought up on stories of these early pioneering days, Bruce’s father Chester aroused his son’s interest in the local history of the district and families of the original settlers.

After service in the Australian Navy, Bruce returned to his roots and resumed his passion for history.

He was invited to join the Arthurs Creek Mechanics Institute as their local historian.

For many years Bruce has provided well researched articles on local history giving a fascinating insight into the community’s early days.


Bruce G. Draper photographed by Wade Ashley at Dygiphy in 2012.  The portrait of Bruce painted in oil and used on this website is by artist Alex Nemirovsky and was painted in the same year. 


Up the Creek Book

Copyright Bruce G. Draper 2018. National Library of Australia Cataloguing-in-Publication Entry. Author: Draper, Bruce G. Title: Up the Creek, Early Days in the Arthurs Creek District. ISBN 978-0-6483636-0-6. Published by www.talesfromthetreehouse.com.au. Printing by BookPOD www.bookpod.com.au. Cover Painting (detail): ‘Arthurs Creek’, A painting by Harry Harward in 1878, reprinted with permission