Hazel Glen Run

Chapter 5

Published Feb, 2005

Agnes Reid (1797 - 1847). The Hazel Glen Cemetery was established by Patrick Reid as a private burial ground for his young wife Agnes (nee Hay) who died on 17 May 1847 at the early age of 49. Agnes had expressed a wish to be buried at her favourite picnic spot on the nearby hilltop overlooking the Hazel Glen homestead and former Stewart’s Ponds pastoral run. Lithograph published by J. Brooker, engraved by A. M. Huffam in 1829 from a drawing by J. Hudson. Copyright National Portrait Gallery, UK, item number NPGD3956

…the lack of an accurate survey was to create difficulties for the Reid family in relation to their neighbours and subsequent occupation of the run… 

 In early 1844 Patrick Reid took over the squatting licence for the Stewart Ponds run to the west of Arthur’s Creek, which he renamed ‘Hazel Glen’ (also written as Hazelglen). The name was taken from Hazelden, the Reid estate at Mearns in Renfrewshire Scotland. The run was to the east of purchased land along the Plenty River in the parish of Yan Yean, and was held in occupation under annual Government licence without prior survey. The lack of an accurate survey was to create difficulties for the Reid family in relation to their neighbours and subsequent occupation of the run.

The run lay between the western boundary of the parish of Linton and the Back or Diamond Creek, now Arthur’s Creek, to the east. The Stewarts Ponds or Saltwater Creek ran through the property to join the Arthur’s Creek near Nutfield. The southern boundary extended from near the creek junction to Doreen. A line of painted trees marked the boundary of Bears’ run to the north extending from near Ridge Road, past Bear’s outstation hut, to the Arthur’s Creek. Rent was paid for eight 640 acre sections, although the exact area of the run was not known. Patrick Reid thought ‘the run will not measure more than seven and a half’.

The northern boundary of Reid’s run was disputed by John Bear, who sought to include in his run a water hole along the ‘Chain of Ponds’ which had good water in dry seasons. The water hole had previously been used by Wills as a sheep camp, and was considered by Reid to be ‘the only one on my run convenient for my dairy cows.’ Bear’s claim included a piece of unoccupied land between the two runs, which he considered to be part of land previously leased by William Ryder. Robert Reid, Patrick’s eldest son, made a ploughed furrow to mark what he considered to be the northern boundary. Complaints were made by the Reids in relation to Wills’ and Bear’s sheep and Sherwin’s and Bear’s cattle being driven on to the run.

Patrick Reid’s wife Agnes died on 17 May 1847. Agnes was buried on the nearby hilltop overlooking the run, to the east of the homestead section, in what is now the Arthurs Creek Cemetery. In a report to Robert Hoddle dated October 1848, the list of main improvements to the property included a brick and lime dwelling house with shingle roof, detached kitchen, enclosed garden of 1 1/4 acres, wool shed and yards, huts and stockyards, enclosed grass paddock of 400 acres, two wheat paddocks, hut and garden outstation, sheep washing place, rain water tank with pump and lead pipes for supply of house and artificial waterhole for lambing flock, amounting to a total value of 625 pounds. The rent paid for the eight sections for the year ending 31 December 1850 was 8 pounds.

Although application was made to purchase the homestead section by auction in August 1850, it was not until 30 April 1852 that approval was granted for the purchase of the homestead section at the price of twenty shillings per acre.

Under the Duffy Land Act of 1862, leases in the Arthur’s Creek district were cancelled, and the land surveyed and thrown open for selection. Under this and subsequent legislation, former leaseholders and settlers of limited means were able to locate themselves on land which they could call their own. A new wave of settlers entered the district. The Reid family held a pre-emptive right to the Hazel Glen homestead section of 640 acres. Three of Patrick Reid’s sons Patrick junior, William and Hugh Sterling were able to select land adjacent to the homestead section.

The area covered by the original Hazel Glen run and adjacent lands was known as the Hazel Glen district for many years. Reminders today are the Hazel Glen homestead in Middle Hut Road,  the Hazel Glen (Linton-Arthur’s Creek) Cemetery, Hazel Glen Uniting Church (Wesleyan Chapel) on the corner of Chapel Lane and Yan Yean Road, the site of the Hazel Glen Hall and St John’s Church of England in Doctor’s Gully Road, site of the former Hazel Glen common school in Chapel Lane, the Hazel Glen-Doreen School in Doctor’s Gully Road and the former Hazel Glen post offices attached to the schools and later the store at Hickey’s Corner (now Doreen). On 26 January 1994 a memorial plaque was unveiled at the Arthur’s Creek Cemetery to commemorate 150 years of continuous occupancy of the ‘Hazel Glen’ property by the Reid family.

Source : Compiled from copies of original correspondence held by the Reid family.

Patrick Reid (1783 - 1858) of 'Hazel Glen'
'Hazel Glen' homestead. Photo credit Reid family
Afternoon tea at ‘Hazel Glen’ (c 1915). The homestead was situated at Stewarts Ponds. Photo credit Reid family
Hazelden House, Newton Mearns, East Renfrewshire, Scotland. The exact date of building is not known but it is thought to have been built by Patrick Reid who emigrated to Australia in 1839, when it was bought by Allan Gilmour, a partner in Pollok Gilmour Ltd. The house was demolished in 1949 as squatters had occupied it during the war and demolition was the only way to move them out. The stables have been restored to their original condition and are used as a riding school today. 'Hazel Glen' in Arthurs Creek (also written as Hazelglen) was named after this estate. Credit Mearns History Group
Left to right: Susanna 'Susie' Lucy Reid (1865-1954) and Florence 'Floss' Agnes Reid (1875-1966) taking tea at 'Hazel Glen' c 1905. Photo credit Reid family
Susanna 'Susie' Lucy Reid (1865-1954) enjoying the garden at 'Hazel Glen' c 1905. Photo credit Reid family
Jack , Arnold, Raymond and Clive Reid (sons of William and Lucy Reid) outside ‘Hazel Glen’ (c 1910). Photo credit Reid family
William Reid (1835 - 1923), c 1910. Photo credit Reid family
Lucy Reid (nee Ford) (1844-1939) married William Reid of 'Hazel Glen' in 1861. Lucy, the mother of Councillor Raymond Reid, died at Eltham at the age of 95. Photo credit Reid family
William Reid J.P. (1835-1923) of 'Hazel Glen'. He was an original member of the Whittlesea District Roads Board in 1868 and the first President of the Shire of Whittlesea in 1875. Photo credit Reid family
Binder at work on 'Hazel Glen'. Photo credit Reid family
Creek near the 'Hazel Glen' homestead in flood. Agnes Reid was sitting under this tree sewing in the 1840’s, it creaked ominously and she ran inside fearing it would fall, but it still stands today. Photo credit Reid family
Watering Colty and Gundhy, Middle Hut Road, Hazel Glen (Doreen). Photo credit Reid family
Original buildings at 'Hazel Glen' believed to be the oldest surviving buildings in the Shire and among the oldest in the State, with significant fabric such as flagged floor, joinery and shingled roofing. This is the Store Room adjoining the former outside kitchen, built in 1844. Photo credit Reid family
Wonga, Skipper and Gundhy - horses at the Reid family property 'Hazel Glen' c 1920s. Photo credit Reid family
Harvesting Barley at 'Hazel Glen' c 1940. Photo credit Reid family
Harvesting at 'Hazel Glen'. Photo credit Reid family
Harvesting at 'Hazel Glen'. Photo credit Reid family
Harry Reid (1921 - 2018) of 'Hazel Glen' on his pony. Photo credit Reid family
The drawing room at 'Hazel Glen' in the 19th century. Built between 1844 and 1848, it is still fully recognisable as the same room today in 2020. Photo credit Reid family
The drawing room at 'Hazel Glen' in the 19th century. Built between 1844 and 1848, it is still fully recognisable as the same room today in 2020. Photo credit Reid family
Henry Reid prepared for the Boer war. Albert Henry Reid (1869 – 1916 France, KIA) and William Arnold Vivian Reid (1877 – 1948) were the children of William Reid (1835 – 1923) and Lucy Reid (nee Ford) (1844 – 1939) of ‘Hazel Glen’. The South African War, also called Boer War, was fought from October 11, 1899, to May 31, 1902. The letter received by William Reid, Esq., of 'Hazel Glen', from his son, Trooper William A.V. Reid, of B. Squadron, Victorian Battalion, Australian Imperial Regiment is a treasured family possession. Photo credit Reid family
William and Lucy Reid with their family at 'Hazel Glen'. Left to right: Back row: Raymond, William, Lucy, Susie. Front row: Jack, Clive c 1905. Photo credit Reid family
Albert 'Henry' Reid (1869 - 1916) who served in the Boer War and WW1 and was Killed In Action in 1916. Photo credit Reid family
William 'Arnold' Vivian Reid (1877 - 1948) who served in the Boer War. The Evelyn Observer reported he was presented with a gold medal. The inscription read … ‘Presented to Trooper W.A.V. Reid, of the A.I.V. (sic), by the residents of Arthurs Creek, in recognition of his patriotic services in South Africa, 19 Aug. 1901.’ Photo credit Reid family
Victor 'Clive' Reid (1882 - 1960), 1st AIF, WW1. Photo credit Reid family
Horses Yarbo and Gundhy harnessed in a phaeton at 'Hazel Glen' c 1920s. Florence Reid wrote in 1892 'Miss Waugh and I rode over to Drapers ('Charnwood') yesterday and we got some lovely flowers, I would like to send you a few of them the garden was a perfect picture'. Photo credit Reid family
William Reid (1835 - 1923) at 'Hazel Glen' c 1910. Photo credit Reid family
Motor vehicle outing at 'Hazel Glen' in the 1920s. Photo credit Reid family
Raymond Reid harvesting barley with a Massey Harris header on 'The Flat' at 'Hazel Glen' c 1935. Photo credit Reid family
Raymond Reid of 'Hazel Glen' with horses Cinders, Major and Mac c 1935. Photo credit Reid family
Mr. J. F. Boadle, one of the warmest patrons of the society, whose varied and well-selected stock formed a remarkable feature among the most prominent exhibits at the Whittlesea Show. John Fleming Boadle's (1855-1940) daughter Margaret (1884-1973) married Raymond Reid (1871-1956) of 'Hazel Glen'. Photo credit Reid family
Motor cycle outing at the Reid's 'Hazel Glen' homestead. From left: William Reid, Ervyn Gwynn, Floss Reid, Suzie Reid, Norman Boadle, Clive Reid, Lucy Reid, Marie Reid and Jessie Boadle seated in the side car. Photo credit Reid family

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